3D Printing Material Sample Kit

6 3D Printing Material Samples

Fictiv's 3D Printing Material Sample Kit is a puzzle sphere with 6 different materials, including:

  1. Nylon - Good for mechanical applications and functional parts; a great option for low volume production units.
  2. ABS - Good for strength & complex geometries.
  3. Vero - Our highest resolution material; good for visual models, high-accuracy test fits, and low-volume production units.
  4. ABS-Like - Simulates ABS plastics, with high temperature resistance and toughness.
  5. PLA - A cost effective material; great for simple early-stage parts
  6. RubberLike (Shore 60A)- Flexible material that simulates overmolds, soft-touch finishing, non-slip surfaces, and watertight/ dust-proof seals.