CNC Material Sample Puzzle

6 CNC Material Samples

Fictiv's CNC Material Sample Kit is a puzzle sphere that includes 6 materials (3 plastics, 3 metals), including:

  1. Delrin 150 - Good for high rigidity & strength applications such as gears, bushings
  2. Polycarbonate - Good for light pipes, transparent parts, heat-resistant applications
  3. ABS- Versatile and rigid; good for impact-resistant applications
  4. Brass - Commonly used for a variety of parts such as gears, lock components, pipe fittings, and ornamental applications
  5. Aluminum 6061 - Light, machinable & economic, used from prototyping to production
  6. Stainless Steel 304L - Good for industrial applications, fittings, fasteners, cookware, medical devices