Speed matters

Leverage the power of distributed manufacturing to fabricate parts faster than ever before


Distributed manufacturing is a method for faster, more efficient production. Parts are intelligently routed to available machines on our network of vetted vendors. The results: faster parts, fair prices, and focused innovation.

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Instant production

We route parts to machine with open capacity so you don't wait 5 days for a part that takes 5 hours.

Get purchasing power

We aggregate orders so every customer receives the benefits of large purchasing power, including faster lead-time and fair pricing.

Location-based manufacturing

Parts are produced as close to customers as possible to reduce inefficiencies in logistics and shipping lead-time.

Superior operator talent

We search, identify, on-board, and continuously manage the quality of operators and machines on the network.

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Our Manufacturing Partners

Committed to quality

Our manufacturing partners are the backbone of our business. We find, inspect, and on-board high quality fabricators who have excess capacity. You get faster parts, they fill unused capacity. Everybody wins.

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Same-day delivery

We are currently serving San Francisco and the Bay Area for same-day delivery logistics. We can also ship anywhere in the United States.