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We use intelligent routing to match your order with one of our qualified global manufacturing partners, giving you instant access to a wide array of manufacturing capabilities through a single access point. Learn more about our platform features here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

At this time, we do not offer design services; however, we do work closely with a talented community of industrial designers and engineers, so don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation.

At this time we cannot scan parts. There are several free options including Autodesk 123D Catch which can scan just using a smartphone. If you need a more dimensionally accurate scan, please check out other local services in your area.

The process is simple: enter your zip code, upload your file, get pricing for both 3D printing and CNC machining within minutes, and then place your order! Also check out our Hardware Guide for critical knowledge on building better hardware.

IP is top priority for us and something that we take very seriously. There are 3 major ways that we help protect your IP: (1) File management: Only the vendor that actually produces your file gets access to it. (2) Vendor onboarding and contracts: It takes around 2-weeks to onboard a vendor where we check for quality as well as inspect practices around IP. (3) NDAs: All vendors are under contract and technically legal arms of Fictiv to make sure that your IP is protected. In addition, we are happy to provide/sign an NDA with you or your company. You can email us at help@fictiv.com.

Fictiv is currently only serving certain cities on the West Coast, but expanding quickly. Want to know if we can get parts to you? Email us at help@fictiv.com or tweet us @Fictiv . We’ll respond!

Our infrastructure streamlines access to cutting edge manufacturing technology and highly skilled operators (without the overhead of vendor sourcing and management). We provide one destination for manufacturing expertise, pricing, and prototyping capabilities. Using software automation and a distributed network, our platform intelligently routes parts to machines with open capacity, for the fastest, most efficient production. Find out more here.

Fictiv is a manufacturing platform and the most efficient way to fabricate parts. Powered by a distributed network of highly vetted vendors, Fictiv provides the critical infrastructure teams need to streamline prototyping and accelerate development cycles. The online interface makes it easy for customers to get instant quotes, review manufacturing feedback, and manage orders--all through a single service.

Our office is located in downtown San Francisco, but can ship to select areas on the West Coast. Want to pick up your part at our office? Come on by! Our address is 1221 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103.

Engineers, designers, creators, startups, hackers, and more! We make hardware development more efficient by providing access to the tools necessary to build the best products.

for ordering

Add your part(s) to cart and click checkout to download a quote.

To get a quote, simply enter your zipcode and upload your part. After your part finishes processing (this usually takes a few minutes), you can select manufacturing process, production speed and quantity to instantly see pricing. For a full CNC quote with DFM feedback, simply hit “Get full quote” and one of our engineers will provide pricing and any feedback within an hour during business hours.

We inspect each part by hand before delivery to guarantee that you’ll be happy. We also vet each printer and machinist before they are allowed to join the Fictiv network to ensure their quality meets our standards.

For 3D printing, we calculate the price of a part based on (1) body material, (2) support material, and (3) time on the machine. For CNC machining, we calculate the price of a part based on (1) CAM time (2) set up & fixturing time and (3) material cost and (4) machining time.

For additive manufacturing (3D printing), there is no machine time and material saving on increasing quantity, so we cannot offer quantity discounts. For CNC machined parts, we offer quantity discounts due to non-recurring engineering costs such as CAM time and fixturing.

Fictiv printers can print in a number of different colors, from standard black, white, clear, and color. You can view all available options on our Getting Started Guide.

Cutoff time for orders is 3PM. Make sure to get your parts uploaded before 2:30 so there is enough time to receive a quote and place the order.

Depending on what manufacturing process you choose, you can have very smooth surfaces and edges. Check out our more details for 3D printing here or CNC machining here. We also support post-processing finishes such as sandblasting and painting - just shoot us an email at help@fictiv.com

For 3D printing, we have a combination of professional machines (ABS/Polyjet/SLA/SLS) as well as hobbyist level machines (PLA). See our full capabilities here. For CNC, we have a variety of machines that support 3-, 4- & 5-axis jobs, as well as live-tooling lathes with both Y and C-axis milling. See our full capabilities here.

Check out our 3D printing materials here and CNC materials here.

Fictiv printers can print as high as 16 microns (0.0006in) in the vertical layer, depending on which technology you use. For CNC machined parts, vendors adhere to ISO 2768 medium tolerance. Check out full CNC capabilities here.

3D printed parts can be produced as quickly as 24 hours and delivered the same day via courier. For CNC machining, parts can be produced as quickly as 3 days and then delivered the same day via courier.

for vendors

We collect payment once a part is ordered, and then send payment to vendors once the part has been produced.

To manufacture with Fictiv, we set up a quick phone call to talk about your manufacturing experience and what kind of machine you have. Then, we’ll have you produce a quick test part to better understand your machine's capabilities. To get started and apply to be a vendor, click here.

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