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Fictiv's Global Manufacturing Network is your single access point for fast, quality parts, from prototype to production.

pre-qualified partners
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How it Works

Partner qualification

Before a supplier can become a Fictiv Partner, we conduct a rigorous series of interviews, facilities inspections, and test sample reviews.

Instant pricing & feedback

Fictiv’s quote-to-order platform makes it easy to quickly compare pricing, communicate design requirements, and review manufacturing feedback. 

Partner matching

We match every order with the best available Partner for the job (no random bidding), so you get the capabilities and expertise you need, every time. 

Quality inspection

All orders go through Fictiv’s ISO-9001 certified quality management process to ensure you get consistent quality across each and every part.

Parts in record time

Fictiv's technology streamlines the order process so our Partners spend less time on administrative tasks and can get you parts faster.

Safeguard Security System

Non-disclosure agreements

All Fictiv Partners are under strict NDA agreements. Fictiv is also happy to sign company-specific NDAs.

Anonymized drawings & files

We remove any identifying information from 2D drawings and 3D file names and only share files with the Partner who produces your parts.

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