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Guide to Injection Molding Success

Compared to other manufacturing processes, injection molding is incredibly complex and requires experience to achieve mastery. From designing parts for injection molding constraints to choosing between single vs multi cavity tooling to overseeing multi-step post processing operations, there’s a lot to manage and consider.

To help jumpstart your understanding of this complex process, we put together this 4-part educational video series where Fictiv’s Director of Overseas Manufacturing, Cameron Moore, will walk you through key injection molding tricks of the trade he’s acquired over thirteen years living and working in the manufacturing industry in China.


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Tool Types: Single vs Multi vs Family Cavity Tools

Learn the pros and cons of different tool types and which one is best suited for your manufacturing needs.

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Tricks of the Trade: Secondary Operations

Learn expert tips on how to manage multi-step post processing operations for injection molding including heat staking, painting and assembly.

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Mold Life: Rapid vs Production Tooling

Learn the differences and pros and con between rapid vs production tooling and tricks of the trade to extend your mold life.

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Manufacturability Feedback Tips

Learn why manufacturability early on is critical to your success in injection molding and how Fictiv can help.

Your Injection Molding Expert

Cameron Moore
Director of Overseas Manufacturing | Fictiv

Cameron runs Fictiv's China headquarters, overseeing operations and the expansion of Fictiv's Asia Manufacturing Partner program. A Mechanical Engineer by training and a 13 year resident of Guangzhou, China, Cameron brings deep experience in overseas manufacturing to Fictiv. Cameron loves Chinese culture, and is constantly learning the subtle nuances of the language and doing business in China.

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