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3D printing Services

Parts Time
Parts as Fast as 24 hours
Parts Time
10m+ parts manufactured
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Vetted Manufacturing Partners

3D Printing Solutions


Rapid Form Factor Prototypes
Iterate quickly on early stage designs with 3D printed parts delivered as fast as 24 hours.
  • Technologies: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Materials: PLA, ABS
  • Quote time: Instant
  • Production time: As fast as 1 day
High Resolution Functional Prototypes
Get high quality precision prototypes to test functional builds.
  • Technologies: PolyJet, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Materials: ABS-like, Nylon 12, Rubber-like, VeroWhite, VeroBlack, VeroClear, Accura 25, Accura ClearVue
  • Quote time: Instant
  • Production time: 1-3 days
Low Volume Production Parts
Get your product to market faster with production-quality custom parts manufactured on demand, no expensive tooling required.
  • Technologies: HP® Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
  • Materials: PA 12, PA 12 Glass Beads
  • Quote time: Instant
  • Production time: As fast as 3 days
“Getting high fidelity 3D prints from Fictiv turned around the next day through their online portal was really critical to validating our design decisions.”

3D Printing Materials


ABS is a plastic material that's great for mechanical strength and early stage rough prototypes. ABS is a cost-effective material for initial prototyping applications, and with post-processing options it can offer better surface finish than PLA.

Colors: Black, white, neutral
Resolution: 0.25mm
Cost: $$
ABS Material

ABS-like is our closest representation of injection molded ABS in a 3D printed material. It has the same high resolution appearance as VeroWhite, but the material is much stronger and more durable.

Color: Off-white
Resolution: 0.016mm
Cost: $$$$
ABS like Material
Accura 25

Accura 25 is a durable and flexible SLA 3D printing material. It’s ideal for snap-fit part designs, as a master pattern for urethane casting, and conceptual modeling. Accura 25 can be used for functional prototyping or end-use parts and has excellent resolution, dimensional accuracy, and can be primed and painted after printing.

Colors: White
Resolution: 0.1mm
Cost: $$$
Accura 25 SLA 3d printing material fictiv
Accura ClearVue

Accura ClearVue is a translucent material with a good balance of aesthetic and physical properties. Accura ClearVue with Clear Coat can achieve the highest level of transparency out of our material offerings. It’s the most suitable for high clarity applications, like optics, packaging, and visualization models or assemblies.

Colors: Clear (colorless)
Resolution: 0.1mm
Cost: $$$
Accura Clearvue SLA 3d printing material
Nylon (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Nylon is a synthetic 3D printed polymer material that’s strong, durable and also has some flex to it. As a result, Nylon is a great material choice for snap fits, brackets, clips, and spring features. SLS Nylon is most cost effective in lower quantities compared with MJF Nylon.

Colors: White, black
Resolution: 0.1mm
Cost: $$$
Nylon Material
PA 12

PA 12 is used with HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF). It has excellent flexural strength and heat deflection properties and is a great choice for both end-use production parts and functional prototypes. PA 12 is also available with glass beads for a higher degree of stiffness and dimensional stability. MJF is a highly cost effective process at high quantities in the hundreds.

Colors: Grey, black
Resolution: 0.08mm
Cost: $$$
Nylon mjf

PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) is a useful 3D printing material for mechanical early-stage prototypes. It’s a great option that merges the cost-effectiveness of PLA and functionality of ABS. Although not ideal for aesthetics, this material is known for its impact resistance, warpage resistance, low shrinkage rate and high head deflection temperature.

Colors: Black, white, neutral
Resolution: 0.2mm
Cost: $$
PLA Material

PLA is a great 3D printing material for early stage prototyping on simple geometry parts, made out of biodegradable corn starch. Because this material is relatively cheap, you can cost effectively 3D print multiple iterations of an early stage part design.

Colors: Neutral, white, black, blue, red, orange, green, pink, aqua
Resolution: 0.2mm
Cost: $
PLA Material

Rubber-like is one of the unique printing capabilities of PolyJet machines because of the PhotoPolymer resin used in this style of printing. The prints will give you full flexibility of parts and allow you to simulate rubbers between Shore 27A and Shore 90A.

Color: Black
Resolution: 0.16mm
Cost: $$$$
Rubber-like Material

Vero is a high resolution 3D printing material that's excellent for checking your prototype's fit and accuracy. With its 16 micron resolution, this material works great for visual models, especially if they require painting.

Color: White, Black
Resolution: 0.016 mm (White), 0.03 mm (Black)
Cost: $$$
Vero Material

VeroClear is a quick-turn translucent material, fabricated using PolyJet 3D printing technology. It works great to replicate clear parts or create light pipes which need to diffuse light over a distance.

Color: Clear
Resolution: 0.016 mm
Cost: $$$
VeroClear Material
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