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Supply Chain Bunker Webinar Series

Thursday, April 2, 2020
3:30pm PST (Weekly)

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With the COVID-19 coronavirus moving so fast, many people are working from home and feeling isolated, looking for insight, advice and information. It is more important than ever to share ideas and create a platform for informed debate.

For this reason, we're hosting, "The Supply Chain Bunker", a weekly online panel discussion hosted by Dave Evans, CEO of Fictiv, and journalist and writer, Philip Stoten. This weekly drop-in virtual gathering will include luminary guests from the industry, whose experience and insight we hope will help everyone. We want this to be an informal and interactive experience, so we’ll be taking questions from the audience throughout the hour.

RSVP once to register for the weekly series. Each week, we'll remind you by email and you can drop in for as long, and as often, as you’d like.

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Hosted by: Dave Evans
CEO, Fictiv

I’m a hacker at heart and an engineer who likes to build things (and take things apart). As the co-founder and CEO of Fictiv, a virtual manufacturing platform headquartered in San Francisco, CA, I build software that democratizes access to manufacturing. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Stanford University and am a Forbes’ 30 Under 30 alumni. In real life you can find me building open source motorcycles or pondering computational geometry.

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Hosted by: Philip Spagnoli Stoten
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Journalist

Forbes Contributor. Philip Spagnoli Stoten has spent his career in manufacturing, starting as a PCB designer and working in various roles including Production Director of a UK plc, before switching to marketing, journalism and thought leadership content creation. Philip founded several publications and created unique events is the sector. He has interviewed close to one thousand people both on and off camera and moderated numerous debates and roundtables. Philip writes and works predominantly in areas related to manufacturing, supply chain, digital transformation, industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI and associated topics. He has been published in numerous publications.

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Lorraine Marchand
Life Sciences Market Maker, Board Member, Columbia University

Lorraine Marchand is a healthcare consultant, speaker, and educator. She’s held executive roles at Bristol Myers Squibb, Covance and Cognizant Technology Solutions and currently is global R&D leader at IQVIA. She knows the world of early stage companies firsthand, having co-founded 3 medtech companies. She holds MBAs from Columbia Business School and the London School of Business. An expert at showing entrepreneurs how to develop and commercialize their innovations, Lorraine has helped numerous early stage companies successfully break into the healthcare sector. What’s unique about Lorraine is her proven method for successful innovation. It’s based on data-driven problem solving, followed by solution prototyping, and then punctuated by her specialization in contingency planning and the “art of the pivot”. "You never fail, you always learn," is one of her mantras. Today she’s going to share her insights on the opportunities for manufacturers to navigate healthcare/medtech in light of policy and regulatory changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Greg Schulte
Director of Engineering, Mindtribe (Part of Accenture Industry X.0)

Greg has 20 years of product design, engineering, and marketing experience for companies and clients ranging from seed stage to several billion in annual revenue; especially in the medical, energy, IoT, and consumer electronics markets. He Co-founded Guide Medical Ventures in 2011, managing strategy and tech for a portfolio of 6 start-ups in the medical device sector. Greg also led mechanical R&D at Intelect Medical to acquisition by Boston Scientific. He has 18 issued and pending patents.

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