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How to Automate Robotics Processes in Record Time

10am - 11am PST
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If you've ever programmed a robot, CNC, or pick-and-place machine, you've experienced them doing exactly what you told them to, but not what you wanted them to do. The current state of automating these machines is similar to programming in assembly language. While it's better than bare metal machine code, the improvement is minimal.

Significant investment of time, effort, and materials is needed to build-up industrial automation. You have to worry about many of the tiny details and have a strong understanding of the machines and tools that you're programming for. Join us to learn how to manage the complexity of software for automating physical tasks without getting mired in the muck.

Webinar Host

Scott Menor
Co-founder, CTO | SilSync

SilSync is an award-winning hardware engineering team that specializes in getting your product to market fast. Scott's mastery of engineering, physics, mathematics, and software helps SilSync achieve the impossible for customers. Prior to SilSync, Scott worked as a research professor in ASU's High Performance Computing Lab. Scott has a masters in Microbiology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His masters' research involved applying nonlinear optimization techniques to cell culture conditions. At the same time, he developed a distributed, semi-synthetic environment for simulating and testing underwater robots at the University of Hawaii's Autonomous Systems Lab. Scott has a Ph.D. in Physics from Arizona State University. His graduate research involved developing a scalable system for inferring a hierarchy of mechanical structure from statistical fluctuations in observed motion.

Mike Geyer
Director, Business Development | Fictiv

Mike Geyer leads Business Development for Fictiv. His true passion lies in transforming the manufacturing industry and having held positions at Caterpillar, Autodesk, and Kaiser Aluminum, he has seen first hand the challenges and inefficiencies that permeate the market. From large Fortune 500 manufacturers to emerging technology startups, Mike has worked to solve a wide array of business challenges across the industry. His experience with hardware entrepreneurs, manufacturing venture capital firms, large format additive manufacturing, closed-loop sensor networks, and fabrication of generative automotive chassis provide him a unique perspective on the rapidly changing landscape of manufacturing.

Join us to walk away with:
How to avoid common missteps when automating at small scale
How to reduce the fixed costs of automating processes
How to use tools of mass-production at any scale

Register now! (or get the on-demand recording)

Join us for the conversation

10am - 11am PST
Register now! (or get the on-demand recording)

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