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The Hidden Costs of Supply Chain Unpredictability

Thursday, March 12, 2020
10am PST

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The tragic outbreak of the coronavirus in China is a harsh reminder of the fragile nature of supply chains, and the absolute need for those supply chains to be both robust and agile. The coronavirus is not the first major supply chain disruption and it won’t be the last, but what are the visible and hidden costs of disruption to the businesses whose supply chains are affected. Traditional supply chains are horribly outdated and no longer fit for purpose. A new digitally-first solution is desperately needed.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The costs of supply chain disruption and unpredictability
  • How to reduce and mitigate supply chain risk
  • How to create a more agile and robust supply chain

Presented by:

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Ron Keith
Founder, Executive Director, Supply Chain Resources Group

Ron Keith brings more than 24 years of operations experience, including engineering, manufacturing and executive management positions at Westinghouse, Wavetek, Rockwell, Alcatel and Flextronics International. Ron has a reputation as an innovator, team builder, creative problem solver and strategic thinker who delivers straight talk and strong results to Riverwood's clients. He has run international EMS operations with annual sales in excess of $1.4B and has managed manufacturing, product development, and program management personnel in numerous countries.

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Jean Olivieri
Chief Operating Officer, Fictiv

Jean Olivieri has over 22 years of expansive experience in hardware product development, operations, and strategic business development. New Product Introduction is the backbone of Ms. Olivieri's career, and she has held executive leadership positions in operations at Fortune-500 companies such as Apple, Motorola and SpaceX.

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Hosted by: Philip Spagnoli Stoten
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Journalist

Forbes Contributor. Philip Spagnoli Stoten has spent his career in manufacturing, starting as a PCB designer and working in various roles including Production Director of a UK plc, before switching to marketing, journalism and thought leadership content creation. Philip founded several publications and created unique events is the sector. He has interviewed close to one thousand people both on and off camera and moderated numerous debates and roundtables. Philip writes and works predominantly in areas related to manufacturing, supply chain, digital transformation, industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI and associated topics. He has been published in numerous publications.

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